Writing with a Passion

Writing a blog combines two worlds, the art of writing and being free to write about what I am passionate about in my life. Through this journey of writing, I have been able to express some intimate details about who I am. I am passionate about recovery from anything that would alter a life full of joy and peace; also, I am passionate about health and taking care of the body that God has blessed me with today. I hope that anyone reading my blog has been inspired to become a better version of themselves. I hope that you know that you are enough and that you are beautiful. Life on life’s terms can be hard but with exercise, life can be more enjoyable. That is what life is about. Writing on these passions has given me an insight on the journey for myself and how much I have grown as a woman and a mother. It has been quite inspiring to continue this journey of health and growth. I want to be the best version I am capable of being. I want to continue to give hope to those who feel helpless. Writing can be one of those ways of giving that hope that is so desperately needed in this world. If no one has told you today that you can make a difference, I am telling you that I believe in you and that you have already made a difference in this world. Do not give up the journey you are walking. I never thought a blog would be such a powerful resource to make a difference in someone’s life, even if that someone is me. This world is advancing with changes such as technology in the way we communicate. My eyes have been open to the world of blogging. This has been an amazing journey of writing through blogging. That is growth. I will continue my journey through blogging and continue to write about the benefits exercise has changed my life forever. Today, let’s be happy.

Word Of The Day

The word of the day is encouragement. We live in a world that can be so harsh and unforgiving. Something simple as a smile or a small compliment can make a person want to keep going with whatever life is handing them. I love to encourage people to keep going no matter what. If you don’t change anything then nothing changes. I have had many ups and downs when it come to eating healthy and exercising. I also have people surrounding me that encourage me to keep going no matter what. That goes with anything in life. Encouragement goes a long way. We need more of that in this world. We need more kindness and more love. Someone told me anything I do, I say, or think needs to be with love. It really hit me hard. Love can heal anything. I am not talking about a mushy gushy kind of love. I am talking about a love that gives someone hope. Maybe taking someone to the gym for the first time to show them that it isn’t so scary. That act alone may save their life. Exercising not only can benefit someone physically but it can help someone deal with a mental disorder like depression or anxiety. I always tell people that we would live in a happier world if everyone would do fifteen minutes of exercise a day. Can you imagine? Unfortunately, that is very unlikely. So in the mean time, we need people in the world to encourage one another to better ourselves, to remind us that we are worth it, and that we are beautiful no matter what. So, I challenge you today, if you have not encouraged someone today in any kind of way to better themselves, to take that first step in a healthier lifestyle, or to just express what their goals for themselves, I encourage you do to so. This world needs more of you, more love, and more encouragement.

Two Is Better Than One

I have learned that doing things alone can be accomplished but, when a support team is behind you or with you, whatever is trying to be accomplished can be made easier and smoother, even a little more fun. The same thing applies to working out and especially eating healthy; it is more motivating and successful with a partner or support group while trying to change your exercise and eating habits. I remember in the beginning when I was struggling to motivate myself to go to the park to exercise or to complete a work out DVD at home it was a complete struggle. Usually, I would not follow through or I would start and give up. When I began to go to the gym, I was introduced to the gym with someone I began working out with so the motivation was there from the very get go. I needed that support from someone initially to even step into a gym. I think anybody that can go to a gym by themselves for the first time is a completely, courageous person. That is hard and intimidating. After I was starting to have regularity with my work out routine, one of my friends decided to start a group on Facebook that was based on workout regimens, your meal, and anything extra you did for your health. It was a summer contest that motivated me and my closest friends. We would accumulate points for every time we checked into the gym, drank a protein shake, post workout selfies, post a picture of our healthy meal, ect. We would then post before and after pictures after the contest was over. It was a great motivator to have people doing the same thing you were doing. We would take the time to encourage each other. That is what it is all about. Today, I will encourage someone to take that step of getting healthy. Two is better than one.

Patience is a Virtue

One of my character defects is the lack of patience. I am getting better as I get older. Raising a three-year-old helps a lot too. When I first started to work out, I felt absolutely amazing. The energy and the good feelings I received after a sweaty workout was worth the pain and sweat that I would endure. With the consistency of working out on a weekly basis, I eventually would see the physical changes of my body. I had to learn to be patient, though. I couldn’t act like my three-year-old and throw a fit because I wasn’t getting the results right away. It takes persistence, consistency, and strife. I wasn’t necessarily working out to have this amazing, hard rock body, but it would help. I started off my journey at a size fourteen and one hundred and sixty pounds. It has taken about a year and a half to get to a size eight; I currently weigh one hundred and thirty-five pounds. What really excites me though about my journey through health and exercise is what my body can take during a workout now. In the beginning, I would walk a mile and it would kill me. I couldn’t breathe and I was in pain. Through patience, persistence, and consistency, I am able to run three miles three times a week. I never thought in a million years I would be able to accomplish that. When I am on the treadmill, I just keep telling myself “Don’t quit, don’t quit, don’t quit, you can do this!” The feeling of completing that goal of three miles each time is exhilarating. I am so proud of myself for not giving up. Exercise is a part of my life and it makes me a better person physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I have learned that even though I want to give up and I feel pain that I can get through it. I have learned patience. I have learned that my body has potential. Exercise has forever changed me.

Rest Day Equals Balance

When I first started going to the gym, I became obsessed with going every single day. This soon took a toll on my body. I became very tired and my body hurt badly. The whole concept of working out and being healthy was new for me so I had to learn what is good for me and what is not good for me. I wanted to go seven days a week. I did in the very beginning. I felt like I had to go all hard or nothing at all. Every time I left the gym, I felt great like I could take on the world. I wanted to experience this every day. Soon though, I was feeling the effects of doing this to my body day in and day out. The result of finally giving myself a rest day turned into not returning to the gym for over a week. This disappointed me. I was burnt. I had not found that balance. Balance in any area of my life is important. If there is a lack of balance, I have no consistency with consistency there is change and growth. After I finally returned back to the gym, I decided to work out Monday through Friday taking the weekends off. This was great at the time. It worked for me. I got enough exercise and allowed my body to rest. My body has changed dramatically since I decided to start exercising. Hard work pays off. Balance pays off. Consistency pays off. When school started though, I needed to readjust my work out schedule again. My regular routine is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This gives me enough exercise for week to maintain what I have accomplished physically but also, allows me to be rested enough to focus on school. Balance is key. Healing the body is essential.